The Role of Drama in Society

Topics: Mother, Left-handedness, Hand Pages: 3 (1186 words) Published: November 5, 2010
The sun is just about to set and Majungu, a middle aged man is seen walking towards his home. In his left hand is is a walking stick but he is not using it; it is more of clutched in the armpit than in the hand. In his right hand, hangigng freely is an old, transparent paper bag that can clearly reveal its contents. As he makes the final turn to his home, three kids are seen running towards him. The eldest of them, a girl of about twelve years meets him first and goes for the paper bag. Deliberately, Majungu lifts it beyond her reach and instinctively, she goes for his hand instead. The other kids, two boys of around ten year and eleven years respectively, have now arrived and they are all over his waist. As he reaches the first house, he stops. Just in face with the first house is the second house which belongs to the second wife. The houses look similar with red soil smeared on their outer walls, giving them some kind of a splendiferous look.) Majungu : (speaking to the eldest girl) Nina, how have you been? Nina : I have been fine father, except that Tommy wanted to pinch me for refusing to share my toy with him. He…

Tommy : No father, she is lying. She is the one who stole my mud, the mud that I had just Collected from the river-and you kwow how far the river is-and used it to mould her toy.

Majungu : Enough, enough my kids. You should always love each other and don’t be like the Stupid hyena who killed his mother just because of greed. Nina, is your mother in? Nina : You know too well to ask me father. She has not even gotten out of the house today and I think she has a fever. Arent you coming to see her father? Majungu: (talking and at the same time getting something out of the paper bag ) I will be Coming to see her but not now. You take to her this package first. (hands her a...
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