The Role of Budgeting in Management Planning and Control

Topics: Need, Employment, Control Pages: 3 (1188 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Managing Resources
Within this work I am going to explain why business needs to manage their resources when controlling a budget. People
One aspect where managing resources will need to be used is for employees and staff as they will need to be able to do the job correctly and to customer satisfaction. For example they will need skills and qualities, which will be needed within the job that they are currently doing. This is because they will need to perform the job to the best of their ability. For example these shills would need to include; good communication skills, they would need to have good knowledge of the business so that they are able to help customers and they would also need to have good teamwork sills. If the employee did not have the correct skills for the job then the business could spend lots of money on this, which would be bad for controlling a budget as the business should have hired someone that is able to do the job correctly, who needs a minimum of training. For example this training could include necessary training for when things change within the business. The employee will also need to fit the criteria to fit the job required, as these are the tasks that the employee will need to be preformed within the job correctly on a daily bases. From this the employee should be able to; show initiative towards customers, when they are looking at properties. The employee should also be organised, be able to give instructions and communicate to other members of staff and customers. The employee should also have knowledge and IT skills to help customers. Employees should also be able to answer general questions and do paper work effectively. From employees being able to do all of these requirements the business will be very successful and they will help to manage resources within controlling a budget. Whereas if the business controls its staff well then this could save the business money as they would not need to spend as much money on training...
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