The Role of an Accountant

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The Role of an Accountant
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Recently I was asked to give a speech at a high school career fair. The main focus of my speech is discussing my role as an account and what students should know. In this presentation I will present the students with the main objectives of accounting. I will also inform them of the terminology of the accounting process or financial reporting. Then I want to talk about how accounting can affect their personal life with an emphasis on professional ethics. And lastly, I will talk about how technology has played a role in small business accounting.

The Role of an Accountant
When most people think of an accountant, they think of a person who is charged of a person’s finances. But the truth is there is more to an accountant than just managing finances. There are different types of accountants that do different types of jobs. There are Public Accountants, Management Accountants, Government Accountants, and Internal Auditors. During this presentation I want to inform the students of what an accountant really is. I will discuss what the primary objectives are and some of the basic terminology that is used in the accounting process. I will also discuss how accounting has affected my personal life with an emphasis on professional ethics. And lastly we will discuss how technology has played in small business accounting. One of the most important objectives of accounting is to ensure that they keep your business running smoothly. Another one of their main objectives is to track a company’s spending and income. They keep track of where the money is coming from and where it's going. They provide information on important subjects like costs, prices, sales volume, profits, and return on investment. They provide decision makers with information that helps them make a more informed decision. They offer important information to both...

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