The Role of Accountant in a Company

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The role of accountant in a company
Currently, with development of international economic, the trend of accounting internationalization will be more and more obvious. So the accountant has become a valued partner and strategic advisor in the company competition. Accountant is who is skilled in the practice of accounting or who is in charge of public or private account. An accountant is responsible for reporting financial results, whether for a company or for an individual, in accordance with government and regulatory authority rules.[1]. A skillful is indispensible to the company in order to run the business well. In this essay, I will discuss the role of different two kind of accountant in a company: financial accountant and management accountant.

Financial accountant who gathers and summarizes financial data to prepare financial report is crucial for the company to account the assets and liabilities, and revenues and expenses. Finance executives regularly require outside help to identify and realize profit improvement opportunities. Steve Riordan case [2]show us that A skillful accountant is good at combine data analytics, deep functional expertise in Finance & Accounting, and a practical hands on approach to help clients improve their operating margins. On the other hand, some accountant who lack of the specialized accounting knowledge or the accounting ethics may cause huge losses for the company such as the accounting fraud. Madan bhasin’s case[3] show us that fraud hardly destroy the company.

The second part I am discussing is management account which different with the financial accountant, but also important to company management to record, plan and control activities to aid the decision making process. Management accountants can produce and strive implement a system of reporting that contributes to the effective...
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