The Role Model

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Evidence Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: October 16, 2005
The Role Model

The Role Model
When reflecting on personal influences in my life, no one has had a greater impact than my father. He was and continues to be a positive role model as a father, a husband, a grandfather, a devout Christian, a carpenter and an artist.

Only by keeping his nose to the grindstone, was my father able to financially support a wife and three children. After retiring as a machinist, my father decided to hang his own shingle and start a ceramic tile business. My father's business was very successful and his vision and bravery to take risks has been carved on my mind.

Even though my father worked his hands to the bone, he still made time for his family. He took us on vacations, made time to shoot eighteen holes, and transformed me into an excellent fisherman. The time we spent together on rivers and in streams made me see nature as divine.

Always expanding his horizons, my father, early in his life, had a passion for carpentry. Over the years he became quite a master carpenter. He taught himself to make beautiful furniture and crafts. Proving that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I have also acquired an appreciation for carpentry and, well, power tools. One difference between my father and I is the appreciation for art. Not to continuously toot his horn, but my dad can also paint (and I do not mean walls). No, he doesn't walk on water, yet, but he is quite an artist. As a matter of fact, we have a Lou Duda original embellishing a wall at our home. My wife wishes that I would share their love of art and romance. She also tells me that if my dad was younger, she would have dated him instead of me.

In the description of my father, it is evident that language and language diversity plays a large role in critical thinking and expression. Creative writers have the power to make the ordinary unique and the unique ordinary, making life interesting again. When readers or listeners encounter a phrase or...
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