The role and importance of Sociology

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The role and importance of Sociology

Through the study of Sociology we hope that students will become informed and active citizens who are fully aware of the complex nature of social life and differentiation in society. The study of Sociology allows students to: Be confident about their own personal identity 

Learn to express their beliefs and values with conviction
Appreciate the role they play in society and how they can influence the lives of others Develop an appreciation of different cultures and learn to respect different lifestyle choices  Apply the principle of equality in their interaction with others and be sensitive to prejudice Develop ethical and moral values that help bind society

Understand how public perception can shape government policy and how social institutions and legislation in turn can influence people’s lives  Understand the nature of political processes and the significance of participation in democracy We hope that through discussion, debate and the exploration of sociological themes and concepts students will develop the confidence and interpersonal skills they need to become thoughtful listeners and active participants at various levels of society. 

Importance of Sociology 

A sociological look at the world provides a number of unique benefits and perspectives.

Sociology provides an understanding of social issues and patterns of behavior. It helps us identify the social rules that govern our lives. Sociologistsstudy how these rules are created, maintained, changed, passed between generations,and shared between people living in various parts of the world. They alsostudy what happens when these rules are broken.

Sociology helps us understand the workings of the social systems within which we live our lives. Sociologists put our interactions with others into a socialcontext. This means they look not only at behaviors and relationships, but also how the larger world we live in influences these things. Social...
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