The Rocking-Horse Winner, Symbols of Love, Luck and Greed

Topics: D. H. Lawrence, Love, Yoko Ono Pages: 4 (572 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Shelia Jones

English Comp II

Mrs. P. Lane

17 April 2013

“The Rocking-Horse Winner”
D.H. Lawrence

David Herbert (D.H.) Lawrence was an English novelist, poet, playwriter, literany

critic, and essyist. Lawrence was born September 11, 1885 in Eastwood,

Nottinghamshire, England, and die March 2, 1933 in Vence, France at the age of 44.

In Lawrence’ short story “the Rocking-Horse Winner” Paul’s hunger for love and luck

resulted from a lack of love from his mother. Living with a family that substituted

money for luck and love, caused Paul to misunderstand what he needed to do to be

successful. The result of his mother’s greed and general coldness toward her children

caused Paul to eventually ride his luck to the end of his life in a failed attempt to make

his mother happy.

One day Paul asked his mother what was luck. Paul’s mother told him that luck is

what gave you money. That if a person was lucky they would have money, and his father

was very unlucky. That when Paul decided to prove to his mother he was luck

Paul perceived there is never enough money in the family. So, he set out to find away

to get money through luck. Paul realizes that if he rode his old rocking-horse fast and

undisturbed he would somehow know the name of the winning horse in the next horse

race. Lawrence’s characters are symbols of love, luck, greed and the lack of love. Paul’s

mother represents the lack of loving and greed that pools deep in her cold heart. Paul was

just the opponent of his mother, he represent the love a child have for his or her mother

and the desire to be loved in return. Paul wanted to make his mother happy by showing

her that he had luck. Therefore, she would love him because luck was having money.

Also, Lawrence recognized the truth behind greed in Paul’s mother, and how if a

person is filled with greed he or she will never be content or happy, the voices...
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