The Rocking-Horse Winner Submission

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Talking about literature, we always assumed that its content and context was hard to understand. But thanks to the literature critics and experts, we as social community in origins are capable to accept and understand what literature and the framework in every social situation is. A lot of critical people agreed that the literary criticism development has dialectical nature, which means the reciprocity process between a thesis and an antithesis produce a synthesis. Used as a social document, literature can be made to yield the outlines of social history. As in my opinion, literary criticism is very important for our understanding about literature’s sub-topics, problems, and aesthetic view. With selection and composition of literary works is having a precious value, not only from imitating but also giving such an education. Most theories emphasize as being central to the writing, reading, or judgments of literature or literary works. Literature itself has had several sub-divisions and each of it have their own explanations and definitions, and literature as the part of art not merely reproduces life but also shaped it. Based on M.H. Abrams, The Mirror and The Lamp, there are four elements such as universe/the universe or the nature that is being imitated by the work (mimetic), audience/the audience of the work (pragmatic), poet/the artist who creates the work (expressive), and poem/the work itself (objective). Those are very important in sociology of literature. As for Plato’s thesis on literature was an ‘imitation’. The ‘imitation’ presentation has been given by him with the name of mimetic comes from mimesis (Greek) that have the meaning of ‘imitation’. As far as I know, ‘imitation’ means something we should imitate anything from the society or reality. Unfortunately, Aristotle is not agreeing to what Plato has said before. He thought that literary works are not merely an ‘imitation’ and they need interpretation with created their own world where human is an...
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