The Roaring Twenties: The Best Decade for America

Topics: Roaring Twenties, United States, Jazz Pages: 5 (1906 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Marco Sanchez
English 1301
“The Roaring 20’s was the best decade of America”
Everyone dreams of living the good life, having all the luxuries for a bargain price and not worrying about a thing in the world. Well for many people in the 1920’s that was their life. This jump from 1919 to 1920 brought the greatest change in society, politics and values. The key word during this decade was prosperity. Americans were evolving from an era of conservatism to an era of more liberal views. New ideas were expanding and being put out in society. Many of these ideas had a historical impact. All over the United States people had the highest standard of living in the world during this time period. The 1920’s was the decade to live in. As a matter of fact the 1920’s were such a phenomenon that they got the nickname of the “Roaring 20’s”. The Roaring 20’s brought new inventions and many technological innovations that made this decade a time to live in. The first step Americans took was the shift from coal to electricity. There was mass production all over the nation with higher wages and more employee benefits. People were now moving from the country into the cities to gain work opportunities with all the new businesses opening up selling brand new ideas that people had never seen before. Electronic appliances were selling like fresh bread. From irons to toasters to refrigerators, for once it wasn’t men going and picking out appliances for home but it was the women who had this responsibility. These new products made life for housewives so much easier by reducing laundry labor, food preparation and cleaning. Women were running to the stores to buy these new electronic appliances. Granted many of these appliances had already been invented but it was in the 1920’s when they were improved and more people actually had the budget to purchase them. Ernst Alexanderson then introduced the radio and it was a huge impact on society. People could now be informed of things happening around America. The business industry took full advantage of this by marketing and selling their products by using persuading words and attracting the attention of their customers. The radio also transmitted many important events in America from sport events to historical events. The radio was a huge hit among the people but it was no contender for what was coming next. Henry Ford launched an innovation that was so revolutionary that drove Americans crazy, literally. The combustion automobile was made and not only that but it was selling for an affordable price all over the United States. The first low-cost cars ever were created all the same so there was no way to differentiate the different classes. Later GM motors came up with the idea to make different type of combustion automobiles and sell them at different prices. This was a huge sensation and people could now get from point A to point B remarkably faster at a lower expense unlike the previous years. For the first time more Americans could travel the country and explore places that most of them had never seen before. This was just the tip of the iceberg as in came more changes in America during the Roaring 20’s. World War I had just ended and there was a sense of peace and freedom among Americans. During this era there were numerous of movements and new political norms. The greatest of them could have been the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote. Women were now politically equal to men and it was chaotic. Pushing their luck, women also created the Equal Rights Movement which targeted laws the favored only men. This was the start of the “new women”. Women now had different goals and ambitions. With a new role, more women began to desire not only successful careers of their own but also families. With all the new opportunities women still seemed to prefer the housewife job and find a husband they could depend on. Also the 20th century introduced the minimum wage and also forced many...
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