The Road to Hell

Topics: Jamaica, United States, Andrew Reynolds Pages: 8 (2744 words) Published: April 25, 2008
Caribbean Bauxite2
John Baker3
Matthew Rennalls3
The Convocation4
The Meeting4
Bakers Reaction to the Meeting5
Rennalls Reaction to the Meeting5
Analyzing Baker6
Analyzing Rennalls7
Action Plan for Caribbean Bauxite8
Truth and Reconciliation8
Job Plan for Chief Engineer10
Racial Training11

Caribbean Bauxite
Caribbean Bauxite Company Limited of Barracania, subsidiary of Continental Ore, is one of the leading bauxite exporters in the West Indies. The company is vastly diverse and has the most Barracanian middle managers of all foreign companies operating in Barracania. However, Europeans still occupy the top managerial positions in the company. Due to various cultural differences between the Barracanian and the Europeans employees racial tension is always present in the working environment. Despite the fact that the company has more Barracanian managers than Europeans, some Barracaians feel that the company has unjust partiality towards the Europeans. John Baker

John Baker is a European expatriate who holds the position of Chief Engineer in the company. Baker believes he has a knack of dealing with people of color, which can be attributed to his 23 years of work experience of working in 2nd and 3rd world countries. His work ethic and knowledge have earned him a promotion to the position of Production Manager of Keso Mining Corporation in Canada. He is articulate and cautious in his approach when engaging in dialogue with the people around him. Matthew Rennalls

Matthew Rennalls is an Assistant Engineer and one of the brightest Barracanian prospects of Caribbean Bauxite. Rennalls is a very knowledgeable individual having graduated with honors from London University. His technical skills are further developed by training and job experience at the Caribbean Bauxite. Rennalls is a knowledge worker as his mind is a critical asset to his employers. However, he has a glaring weakness, his racial consciousness. He constantly thinks he is being wronged by the expatriates. He treats foreigners with a different demeanor than his fellow countrymen. He is also very sensitive towards any sign of condescension from the expatriates. Due to his vast knowledge and potential, Rennalls is being groomed for the position of Chief Engineer. The Convocation

The Meeting
Baker decides to have a final meeting with Rennalls before he moves on to his next position. He wishes to accomplish several tasks during his meeting with Mr. Rennalls. For starters, he wants to complete a final job performance review of Rennalls before handing over his position. Next, he hopes to finalize the preparation of Rennalls for the position of Chief Engineer. Baker recognizes that Rennalls has many good qualities, but still has some negative qualities that he needs to overcome before he takes over the position. He wants to emphasize on the good qualities while making Rennalls aware of the bad ones; he does not want to make Rennalls upset nor disappointed. Baker, however, feels it necessary to educate his successor with his own personal experiences. Baker sees himself as a superior, more experienced man. Rennalls, on the other hand, considers himself perfect, partly because of his political influence and vast knowledge. Both men think themselves to be right and superior, making them unable to bond with each other. In addition, racial and cultural differences between Baker and Rennalls complicate the relationship further, consequently making Baker unable to accomplish his goal in the meeting. Bakers Reaction to the Meeting

Baker feels that Rennalls is technically qualified to do the job but has concerns about his work-related interpersonal skills so he decides to raise these issues in a final interview. Baker already holds judgments against Rennalls’ racial consciousness before their meeting. He believes he is more knowledgeable and has greater experience than Rennalls, and is willing to help...
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