The Road Not Taken Poem Explication

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Jeremy Nable
Sara Stephens
31 January 2013
Poem Explication
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Robert Frost is an excellent poet and will be remembered for his works for as long as they exist. Personally Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets, so when I saw this poem, I had to use it to write my explication. When I read The Road Not Taken, it really hit close to home to me. I get the sense from Frost that he is implying that he doesn’t want people to conform to society. Basically he does not want us to follow a path just because most others have chosen that path. Most importantly in the poem, Frost leaves us with the theme of having to choose a path in which we have no knowledge of where it will take us. We can all relate to this especially my self because I had the same type of decision to make when it came to picking a college. Frost wants us to be different and to make decision for ourselves in life. I feel he wants us to be independent people who make our own future. Throughout this explication, I am going to explain the themes and meanings of each line of the poem and how those themes contribute to the overall meaning of being different and making your own decisions without the influence of others in which Frost implies to his readers.

Robert Frost constructed this poem in four stanzas in which each stanza has five lines. He also uses the rhyme scheme AABBAAB, which you will see expressed throughout the poem and explication. From reading this poem and acknowledging the rhyme, I almost got a disgusting and sad feeling. I think Frost did these just to show how serious that his message in this poem really was. You also get the sense from Frost that he is flashing back to this particular event in his life from reading the poem. Also in my opinion, it feels like there is a somewhat somber mood or tone throughout Frost’s poem. Frost begins the poem with the line “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,” which I feel Frost is...
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