The Road Homework Packet

Topics: Man, World, Good and evil Pages: 5 (1914 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Brody Contreras
The Road Homework

Annotation Guide:
1. I agree. If modern civilization were to end, I think that man kind would slowly die away after it’s fall because modern man is not capable of surviving the harsh Environment of the world. We will especially fall due to the lack of resources and will kill each other off for food. 2. I disagree strongly. Many people are evil people because they enjoy bringing pain to others and are selfish, thus worrying about only their own needs and not for those around them. 3. I disagree. Nature is needed because it is what the earth physically is made of. The earth would die if nature were taken away. I think that nature keeps our sanity too in this world that is slowly depleting Mother Nature of its resources. 4. I disagree and agree because some people like to live a hermit like live while others are more social. I personally would like to live in society because I do not like to be alone for long periods of time as most people do not. End of the novel discussion questions:

1. McCarthy’s prose style somewhat annoyed me. I was often lost in what was happening because certain ideas felt disconnected. I do not find it to be poetry and am more annoyed by it overall. 2. McCarthy chose to not give the man a name because the man is not who he was before civilization fell; he is a survivor and nothing more. This act of not naming characters makes us look at the characters the same as the other survivors in the book. 3. I think that McCarthy is able to keep the world a scary place by constantly bombarding the characters with new problems such as weather, health, and marauders. I think the part where they describe the man who was burnt from getting struck by lightning was the most vivid scene of the whole book. I think that the most horrifying thing in this post apocalyptic world is the marauder because of how ruthless they are. 4. Nuclear warfare could be a huge reason why the world is covered in ash or the world could have caught on fire. On the road there are no men who live by god because many don’t know about him and also, it is difficult to live an honest life in such harsh environments. 5. The boy’s mother commits suicide because she is afraid of what the world will be after civilization is over and she thinks that they will inevitably be killed and eaten. 6. The fire within him is the ability to bring kindness in a world that lacks such a thing. It’s crucial that they don’t let it die because if they do, then the world will be full of only evil people. 7. I think that his depiction of a post apocalyptic world is very to point. There are many people who refrain from breaking the law only because they don’t want to be incarcerated. When those rules are lifted, there are no restraints. I think that civilization is slowly killing the world to a point where we wont be able to live off of it. 8. They are unlike the bad guys because they do not hunt people down and eat them but they are bad guys in the sense that they will kill another man in order to protect themselves. He is saying that the man is just as bad as the others or worse than those that they encounter on the road. The boy is able to maintain his compassion because he has a gut feeling on what is wrong which is something that he is not willing to violate. 9. The blind man means that there is no god. There are only the prophets who claim that god exists. We are meant to see the son as the last vessel of mankind in the sense of how civilization sees a man and not a cannibal. 10. They are traveling to a place that is better than their current situation. They are pilgrims in the sense that they are making a voyage to an unknown land. The symbolism of their journey is that they are looking for a safe place to go when there really is no safety anywhere. 11. The Road suggests that evil is a very powerful force, but the power of good will always prevail. 12. The...
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