The Road- Cormac Mccarthy

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Our lives do not always go as planned. Obstacles can unexpectedly ruin lives and change every aspect of it, for better, or for worse. We are all on this road of our lives just trying to find the right path to travel on to survive to live onto the next day. Along this road, many learn abilities and attributes inside themselves they never knew they had, no matter how difficult the journey may be. In Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Papa and the boy travel a long way and go through many obstacles which in the end changed the boys’ life, prioritized their actions, and helped them find the light to guide them onto their next destination.

On this journey to the south, the boy sees and goes through many situations most could not fathom seeing with their own eyes. He saw people lying dead in the streets, people being shot, starving people just begging for help, and had to continue on his journey with his Papa for their own mere survival. His Papa also teaches him all the necessities the boy will have to be able to perform, for the Papa knew he would not live much longer. In doing this, he helped the boy become more mentally and emotionally stable to be able to survive without his Papa on the journey to the south. Having his Papa by his side every step of the way teaching him his new way of life, made it that much easier to be able to leave him on the beach and continue on his own Road with a new family, and create a new path in the road with them.

When you are in a life or death situation with literally no resources to fall back on, it begins to make you become less and less able to perform everyday physical tasks. Becoming weaker and weaker by the second from malnutrition and lack of proper sleep, it begins to slowly eat away at you mentally. Papa kept having these flashbacks of his wife, and woke up in a fright on the side of his road only to find that it was all a dream. It began to effect him mentally and made him realize he needs to prioritize his and the boys...
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