the road

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The Road

How does McCarthy establish the important ideas in the novel in the opening sentences?

McCarthy establishes the key idea in the novel through sentence structure and language used. At the beginning of the novel McCarthy, has structured his first paragraph in the middle of the page (media res) this signifies the key idea that the child’s life started in the middle, as he was born the time of the apocalypse. The first sentence also opens with an anonymous character being mentioned, ‘when he’ this later on reflects the anonymity of the life style which the boy and farther are living. In the sense that they do not know, firstly, who’s alive and also the purpose in life. McCarthy starts by saying that the setting is in the ‘dark and cold of the night’, this bleak setting that McCarthy creates for us, helps us establishes the key idea in the novel of hopelessness and a miserable lifestyle. The word ‘dark’ is also repeated in the first sentences in order to emphasise the idea of the horrible and depressed life which the new world and this continues road they are following, is bringing them. The sentences, are also very banal to emphasise, the boys and the mans life being very boring and routine. The first sentence, begins to show the son and the farther relationship, the first sentence also illustrates the important idea of a mans job, to look after his child.

What do you think, is the point that McCarthy is making through his description of the man’s dream?

McCarthy, says that in the dream the child lead him by hand, seeing as his dreams are unrealistic, shows that it is only in his dreams that we witness, good leading smart, as we start to associate the boy as ‘the good’, and the father as being ‘the smart’. His vivid imagination of the dreadful/fearful creature shows that it is only in his dreams that the man explores the feelings of fear.

The dream shows him and the child in a cave, facing a huge, 'nameless' creature that eventually runs away into the dark. The ‘nameless’ creature shows the isolation, which the world is now facing, as we see that cannibalism and hostility between the human races has now been evoked on the majority of the population, originating from the urgency to survive.

What are the key ideas in the second and third paragraph? You should discuss the words pertaining god/God as well as other issues.

The key ideas that are expressed in the second and third paragraph are the flat godless life. McCarthy describes the world as ‘Barren’ - which means childless and lifeless, indicating that the world’s population has vastly changed, and that it is not joyous.

McCarthy, relates the world as being ‘godless’, by this McCarthy is showing that there is no god, because if there was there would not be starvation, death, disaster etc and that life would not be hopeless and with out faith. However, God is again used in paragraph two, to show a counterbalance between the non-belief in god and belief in god. As the man says ‘ the child was his warrant, he said ‘if he is not the word of god god never spoke’, we can interpret that the child is used as a representative of good and that god is good because the boy is good. McCarthey, also shows the importance of ‘god’ in life by putting emphasises on the word by repeating it twice in the same sentence, ('God God').

Smoke is used as a key idea, showing that it is not only there for safety, cooking and hygiene, but is also used for a more deep and urgent message, which smoke represents which is the hellish and dangerous message. As the smoke leaves trails, it leads you victim of being eaten and raped by the cannibals.

4. What is the importance of the first section of dialogue on page 4?

The dialogue in page 4, shows the man speaking to his son, he says ‘are you okay?’ this dialogue shows the simpleness of their lifestyle by the length of speech that the boy and the father use. It also shows their uncommunicative nature towards each...
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