The Rise of the United States

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The Rise of the United States as a World Power

Over the course of the nineteenth century the United States became one of the world's greatest powers. Many factors prompted their rise to power. To obtain their power they had to go through many things such as war and immigration. As a result of their power they faced many problems but they were able to withstand those problems and prevail in the long run.

During the nineteenth century the people of the United States had became one of the most prosperous people on earth. They led the world in agricultural exports, iron ore and coal output, iron and steel production, and railroad mileage.

Social problems were also created due to the economic boom. Society was divided due to racism and opposition of immigrants. Farmers to push forward social change formed the Populist Party. The American Trade Union Movement was born, the Socialist Party was established, and local reform movements proliferated.

War played a significant role in America's rise to power. The United States believed that they were predestined by God to expand across North America to the Pacific Ocean. Their spread westward brought about conflicts with both the Native Americans and Mexico. Due to depopulation because of diseases the Native Americans were unable to withstand the endless flow of white settlers and the military that accompanied them. The Indian Removal Act and the Indian wars formed some of the sinister chapters in American history.

Controversy with Mexico was more formal but it also resulted in a large acquirement of land for the United States settlers. President Polk made it very clear that he had every intention to seize any Mexican territory that fell in the United States hands. In order to fulfill their manifest destiny the United States pressured the British to give up their claim to the Oregon territory. They now owned land all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

In the...

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