The Rise of the United States

Topics: Theodore Roosevelt, United States, James Monroe Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Jesus Duran
US History
The Rise of the United States
In this essay I will talk about all the things that took place in the 1900 that led The United States of America to becoming a world power. There had to be policies passed and action taken in order for things to come about so in the following paragraphs I will describe in my words how the wars and different events changed the way America is today.

April 21, 1898 America declared war against Spain. The United States sunk one of the Battleships in the Havana harbor in February. This was the first time the United States was going to fight a war overseas. The US troops landed in Siboney and Daiquiri in Cuba and attacked San Juan heights. The US caused about 1,700 casualties. The war did not last that long and ended with a Treaty on December 10 of the same year. Cuba became an independent country. The war was very expensive it cost the US $250 million dollars and the lives of many soldiers. Most of the men participating in this war were from Pennsylvania. Some were also from the federal army and navy.

During the Panama Canal the president at the time was Theodore Roosevelt. President Roosevelt was the governor of New York before becoming president. He was nominated by the Republican Party as vice president but later took on the role of president when his running mate McKinley was killed. He was the youngest president in the history of the US. Roosevelt claimed that “The Canal” was by far the most important action he took in foreign affairs during the time he was president. A lot of people opposed to giving the US a stretch of the canal but finally came to an agreement and sent people to work immediately. A worker said that many of them dies in the horrendous heat and other died from mosquitoes that carried yellow fever. Work went on despite what was happening to the workers. The Panama Canal was a complete success.

The Monroe Doctrine was passed in 1823. It was a statement by the government...
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