The Rise of the Black on Black

Topics: Crime, Police, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Death in the Afternoon.
London 2012: As the Olympic Village reaches completion more and more young people are being murdered in the streets of London. Many victims die at the hands of members of their own community. Iti Awosika joins the heated debate about how we can protect our children. There has been an alarming rate of deaths amongst teenage black boys. For the past decade Britain has had the largest rate of teenage deaths amongst teenagers both black and white, however this number has been much higher of amongst teens of Black decent, may have questioned the reason for this with statements like’ I blame the parents’, ‘I blame the education system’. But what are the main causes for these senseless acts of violence that are taking the lives of the next generation. If you concentrate on the series of murder victims in London it is clear to see that these victims are of Black Caribbean and Black African heritage. But these killings do not happen because the youth of today have become more heartless and senseless about the welfare of others. There is a narrative around violence that is being perpetuated most strongly within Black communities in London. Examples of this narrative could include; a sense that protective factors such as policing and criminal justice are no longer supporting or protecting

them; that their identity and security within this current society has grown increasingly vulnerable that any minor slight has to be tackled with extreme acts of violence. Black on Black violence is partly due to the fact that people feel that they can’t ‘snitch/ grass’ on other people in the Black community and because of this they choose to sort out their own problems without any involvement of the police. Another reason not to snitch is that you are scared that other people will come to your place to seek revenge, so even if the murderer is put come to your home. This fear of revenge acts as the main deterrent to report crime to the police. Behind bars...
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