The Rise of the Androids

Topics: Puzzle, Game, Puzzles Pages: 6 (1897 words) Published: March 23, 2012
The Rise of the Androids: An Online Interactive Puzzle Game
Domingo, Ladylyn A.
Juntila, Paulyn M.

A game is a form of recreational activity that a person engages in for refreshment. Games vary according to their nature, mode of play and objective. Games are played either physically or virtually, nonetheless both provide physical and mental development to the player as frequency of play increases. Games tend to bring the players into instances they have never been before; as such, they face problems that require in-depth analysis, forcing them to think of ideas or strategies to bring them out of that stage. With this, games aren’t just a means of enjoyment and fun but also they become an effective learning material. The cognitive health of the players is developed because they are required to follow rules, think tactically, make fast decisions and fulfill numerous objectives to win. There is countless number of games which one can opt from to play, one of which is the puzzle game.

A puzzle is a problem or enigma that tests the ingenuity of the solver. Puzzle is basically concerned with putting together pieces in a logical way to come up with the desired solution. In order to solve puzzles, the player must recognize patterns and create a particular order, which by continuous playing make the mind sharp and active. As the name suggests, one must bring out the best of thinking abilities. In most games, everything starts at the basic level at a very slow pace and starts getting faster and harder the higher level the player advances, so do with puzzle games. The players need to think for alternatives to tackle the upcoming situations. Not only that the players are trained to think tactically and analytically for the next levels but their minds are also stimulated, enhancing their logical reasoning which could be applicable for real life problems. With today’s technology, the influx to the human’s day to day life of various puzzle games is no longer impossible, especially via internet. This gives a new meaning to online entertainment since it gives the people a free access to puzzles. There are a lot of them such as riddles, shufflers, jigsaw, brain teasers, hidden objects, and the like. Hidden objects game is one of the fast-rising of the puzzles’ kingdom.

In hidden objects game, the player is given a list of objects he’ll have to find in a setting where many other else objects are placed. Some are easy to recognize, others blend so much with the environment making it tough for the player to figure it out unless scanned keenly. With the nature of the game, it wakes up more of the player’s curiosity. As a result, it keeps the player in the game until unleashed the other ascending levels.

This research entitled, “The Rise of the Androids: An Online Interactive Puzzle Game” is about the development of an online game which incorporates with various puzzle types, most significantly with hidden objects and detective games. Throughout the game, the player will encounter various puzzle types he will need to solve until he advances to the topmost level and succeed in the villains’ battle stage. The player needs to be knowledgeable of the different information technology aspects because to that will the puzzles topic revolve.

Puzzle is such a broad collection of sub-games making it puzzling just like the name per se. Many developers nowadays are investing on games which have largely to do with puzzles. This caught the interest of the researchers, the eagerness to develop a game that will keep the players mystified until they reached the final level and solve the root of the problem of the entire puzzle game. Statement of the Problem

To be online isn’t just about social networking but social entertainment as well that is possible mainly by playing online games. The fact is that many games are emerging across the web because there is a vast demand for these. As a result there arise a huge number of games that...
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