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The Rise and Fall of the Burlin Wall

By lexylou1221 Jan 24, 2013 505 Words
Imagine living in a place where there was a wall preventing families to go to a better place, where people couldn’t be what they want or say what they want… the only thing that was holding them back was a wall. A wall that held bombs, barbed wire, dogs, and men armed and ready to shoot. In 1961, that’s exactly what happened. The German Democratic Republic put the wall up to surround all of West Berlin to where no one could get in and only the west side could go out.. Before the wall, West Berlin is where all of Berlin wanted to be, they could say what they want and had free range. Little by little families and people left to go to West Berlin causing East Berlin to lose their population little by little.

The Berlin wall lasted 28 years before they took it down, with in those 28 years it took half a million dollars to maintain it. People went above and beyond to try to get over the wall, sadly many died trying only a handful survived, their techniques where very developed and thought out, they flew a hot air balloon over, drove through the wall, and simply dug a tunnel underneath. The Berlin wall was to keep East Berlin’s population stable and not go down any more than it already has.

Like most movies, The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall had its pro’s and con’s. In the movie the producer put in computer graphics to help explain the wall more vividly. The computer graphics aloud people just how advanced the wall was and how it changed through time. Not only did the producers put in computer graphics but they also had actor’s reenacted parts of the movie to also help the audience get a better view of the wall and just how complex it was.

Not only were there positives about The Rise and Fall of the Berlin wall but there were also negatives. Most of the people that spoke in the interviews spoke a different language so they had to have an interpreter to translate it in English, so when the interpreter was telling the stories there wasn’t any emotion just monotone talking. Along with the interpreters there were a lot of interviews and not enough history of the wall itself. when they did the interviews they had plenty of stories from the people who had escaped and who lived by the bridge but there wasn’t any interviews with the wall guards telling how they felt, whether they liked it or not and it they thought it was necessary.

All in all the movie was fairly well; it had its good thing and its bad things. Over all I would recommend this to a class learning about the Berlin wall because it has a lot of information and history and gets people to know just how advanced the wall was and how hard it was for the families.

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