The Rise and Fall of Devin Shields

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Sentence Patterns for 1st Semester Essays
Variety in Sentence Structure
Wadell, Marie L., Robert M. Esch, and Roberta R. Walker. The Art of Styling Sentences:      20 Patterns for Success, 3rd edition. Hauppage, New York: Barron's Educational Series, 1993. Pattern 1: Compound sentence: 2 short, related sentences joined by a semicolon. Hard work is only one side of the equation; talent is the other. Some people dream of being something; others stay awake and are. Forget defensive driving; practice paranoid driving.

 Pattern 1a: conjunctive adverb follows semicolon connectors: e.g. however, hence, therefore, thus, then, moreover, nevertheless, likewise, consequently, accordingly. This gadget won't work; therefore, there is no sense in buying it.  Pattern 1b: a coordinating conjunction (and, or, for, but, nor, yet, so) is used in one of the independent clauses. The squirrel in our front yard is a playful sort; he mocks us from his tree, but I can entice him from his treetop home with a few crusts of bread.  Pattern 1c- 3 independent clauses joined by semicolons.

They begged to be taken in; they promised they would help with the housework; they tugged mercilessly at her heart. Pattern 2: compound sentence with elliptical construction.  This pattern is used to avoid using the same verb in the second clause. Listen to ensure that the sentence is rhythmic and balanced.   An artist's instinct is intuitive, not rational; aesthetic, not pragmatic.   A red light means stop; a green light, go.

Pattern 3: compound sentence with explanatory statement. The colon signals an  explanation or-expansion of the first clause.
 Remember what the old saying prudently advises: Be careful what you wish for because you may actually get it. No one would deny that Patton did what generals were primarily expected to do: he won battles. Pattern 4: a series without a conjunction

 The coach is loud, profane, demonstrative.
With wisdom, patience, virtue, Queen Victoria directed the course of 19th century England. The United States has a government of' the people, by the people, for the people.  Pattern 4a: a series with a conjunction before every item. I have never seen him angry or cross or depressed.

Many hockey games lead to broken ribs or sprained knees or dislocated       shoulders.
Pattern 5: a series of balanced pairs. This pattern is used with even sets of pairs,  creating a balanced rhythm. It should move in a progression or to a climax. The actual herbs in special vinegars--thyme and basil, rosemary and garlic, hot pepper and chive--float in beautifully designed bottles.  Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Lancelot and Guinevere--all were famous lovers in literature. Pattern 6: an introductory series of appositives followed by a dash, a summarizing word that may be the subject, and a verb. Vanity, greed, corruption--which serves as the novel's source of conflict? Bull riding, camel races, bronco riding, and roping--these events mean "rodeo" to many people. The Mona Lisa, Michaelangelo's David, the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel--many are the wonders of the Renaissance in Italy. Pattern 7: an internal series of appositives or modifiers enclosed by a pair of dashes or parentheses. The necessary qualities for political life--guile, ruthlessness, and garrulity--he has learned from his father. The much despised predators--mountain lions, timber wolves, and grizzly bears--have been shot, trapped, and poisoned so relentlessly for so long that they have nearly vanished from their old haunts. The basic fencing moves, (the advance, the retreat, the lunge) demand careful balance by both fencers. Pattern 8: dependent clauses in a pair or in a series that occur at the beginning or at the end of a sentence.  All dependent clauses must relate to the main clause and must be parallel in structure.  This construction works well a the end of a  paragraph for summary, in a thesis with multiple points, and in an introduction...
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