The Ridiculous Cost of Education

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Grant Piering
20 October 2013
The Ridiculous Cost of Education
It can be heard all the time that college is far too expensive. This statement is often spoken without much thought, nor do many people give it much consideration. The fact that college in the United States is very expensive is a widely known fact, but shouldn't it be thought of as a problem rather than being accepted as a part of American life? A college education is now a crucial requirement for most careers and if one wants to have a successful future, a college degree will most likely be one of the steps on the way to that future. With the rising cost of tuition in the United States, many Americans are now unfortunately asking themselves if college is even worth it anymore.

With so many Americans now debating whether or not to go to college simply due to the fact that tuition is so expensive, something should be done about this. According to College Data, the average tuition for an in-state University is right around $22,000 per year. In Canada, the average yearly tuition is around $5,000 ("Americans flee to Canada for college education."). The result of this is that a higher percentage of Canadian residents have a college degree to hang on their walls when compared to the United States. The high cost of college here is making a degree seem less and less plausible for more people around the country, causing national problems down the road.

One of the biggest national concerns right now is the unemployment rate. In the year 2010, the percentage of people without a job in this country was 9.6% ("Databases, Tables & Calculators by Subject "). This translates to nearly fifteen million people in the United States work force without a job. With so many companies requiring a college degree, people who chose not to go to college, or others who just couldn't afford it are simply left without a job. Comparatively, the much more rural country of Canada has an unemployment rate more than 2% less than...

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