The Ride to Freedom film analysis essay

Topics: Rosa Parks, Arrest, Racial segregation Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: November 9, 2013
Briar Bayler

This essay will look at the friendship and relationship between Rosa and Raymond Parks in the movie The Ride to Freedom: Rosa Parks Story, which was directed by Julie Dash. This movie was set around the 1950’s in Montgomery, when almost everything was segregated, from drinking fountains and libraries to buses and hospitals. The movie was based on the real-life story of Rosa Parks, who stopped segregation in buses when she refused to get up and out of her seat and move for a white person. She was arrested and her actions spurred the bus boycotts and protests that eventually led to the stopping of segregation. But Rosa’s life was a hard one and her arresting only made it harder. Luckily she had a great husband, Raymond Parks to help her through the bad times. Raymond and Rosa first met when Rosa and her friends walked into the barber shop where Raymond worked. Rosa was shy and refused to tell him her name. Raymond did not give up but instead followed her out into the rain in pursuit of her name. Raymond then started showing up at Rosa’s house with flowers and a very cool car, but Rosa was always ‘not at home right now’. But Raymond continued to come back until he finally was let in the house and him and Rosa went on a date. They later went on to marry each other and stayed together to the very end, through the thick and thin. The friendship and relationship they shared helped me to understand that Raymond was a supportive and trusting husband that was a brave man for staying with Rosa, even when they lost their jobs because of her arrest and were in danger. When Rosa enrolled to vote, Raymond spent hours going over the questions with her and knew that she should be passing the test. He continued helping her until she eventually outsmarted the lady at the office and was finally enrolled to vote. However, when Rosa joined the NAACP, we saw Raymond’s protective and fierce side as he tried to stop her being the...
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