The ride of a lifetime

Topics: Sun, Rain, Sky Pages: 4 (1192 words) Published: April 23, 2014
It was late fall and the leaves have come and gone, there was no sign of life in the deep dark woods of Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Being such as outdoor and actions sports lover, I decided it would be an awesome day for a dirt bike ride. With that in mind, I called my life long best friend Joe, who happens to be my cousin. He agreed by saying, “Hell yeah, let’s ride.” Little did we know, the weather channel was predicting thunderstorms and heavy amounts of rain.

At the time, I was sixteen and thought I could take anything that this world could throw at me. I was young, reckless, and just looking for some type of adventure. With that said, we fueled up our bikes and didn’t even pack a rain jacket. Luckily we invited my other friend Michael, and he had packed a rain jacket. Unlike Joe and Myself, throughout our many crazy adventures Michael has always been the one to come prepared. He is clever, witty, and sometimes helpful. Even though we had such a helpful friend coming, we weren’t prepared for this wild ride.

The ride started like every other ride before it, we rode fast and took chances, no destination, no map, and no expected time of returning home. We did hope to be home before nightfall, to prevent causing worry and unneeded stress to our parents. Everything was going smooth, no mechanical problems, no injuries, and no sign of the sun falling into the evening sky.

Then the thunder struck into the now cloudy and dark sky. Since the temperature ranged from forty to fifty degrees we didn’t want to get wet. Getting wet meant getting cold, and any experienced rider knows that the last thing you want on a ride is to get cold and wet at the same time. Not only that, at the time we didn’t exactly know our location. We had gotten so caught up in having a crazy ride we had lost all sense of direction. Things had changed dramatically, we all wanted a wild ride but this wasn’t quite the ride we had in mind. We all appeared to have the look of a deer...
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