The Rhetorical Analysis Final Essay

Topics: Democratic Party, Republican Party, United States Congress Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: December 1, 2013
That the federal law now disallows discrimination on the basis of sex, race, or national origin, on the other hand it keeps a considerate eye on the employers from firing or job rejections with the grounds of being under LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender). The new-fangled bill aims at barring employers with fifteen or above workforce from counting an individual’s gender identity or sexual orientation as the base for taking employ choices, like recruitment, sac, recompense, or hike. The Senate vote would crop up 5 months post- Supreme Court verdicts confirming granting federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples and gay marriage. It would be the first major piece of gay rights legislation since Congress repeal the ban on gays serving candidly in the military in December, 2010. The point is to focus light on the gay community’s development for equal rights in the work environment.

The attitude for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act mirrors the nation’s upward lenience of homosexuality and the GOP’s political reckoning as it looks for allies beyond its mainstay of older voters. The assess faces tough antagonism from recognized conservative clusters such as the Family Research Council, which argues that it carves out particular protections for sexual orientation, would direct to pricey lawsuits against employers and could demean the capacity of employers to ascertain practical standards for grooming and dress. It is indistinct if Republican leaders in the House will even bring the bill up for a vote after the Senate acts. In a week’s time the senate could possibly finish the bill submission, however the legislation is likely to adhere the increasing record of Senate bills languishing in the House of Representatives after speaker Boehner who seemed against allowing a vote, arguing the legislation was needless proving too litigious and expensive for business. The speaker claims that the new legislation may put a...
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