The Revolution Dbq

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Describe the various values and purposes of Renaissance education. Analyze the extent to which these values and purposes were transformed and challenged over time. The renaissance, meaning 're-birth', was a time of reformation of culture to the ideals of society. The people of the time, tired of the war and fear during the Middle Ages, looked to the ancient Romans and Greeks for direction in civilized life. As the Renaissance progressed, the purposes and values of education experienced major reformations. The Renaissance was a time of change. It began in Italy during the 14th century, and spread throughout the North. People all over Europe were affected, for the better and for the worse. Some people finally had a chance to control their own fate or their futures (doc. 1). Others, like upper class women, lost their social status. The values and purposes of Renaissance education were to improve the society, increase the economy, and restore the religious beliefs. The social lives of people were greatly influenced by advancements in education during the Renaissance. More people than ever before were sent to schools and educated. Schools for girls were built, and they were taught sewing, reading, writing, and dancing. Some of these schools even had teachers for singing and playing instruments. Upper class women were taught language, philosophy, theology and mathematics(doc 5). But their education only prepared them for social life at home. Women lost political power, access to property and their role in shaping society. As the renaissance progressed, the percentage of well educated people holding government offices in Europe increased, as seen in document 12 which refers to the Justices of Peace (Document 12). As the Renaissance progressed, the purposes and values of education experienced major reformations. People were taught to understand and judge the writings of others. Courtiers, aristocrats and nobles were able to write poetry and text. By being well...
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