The Revolt of Mother Mary Wilkins Freeman

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“The Revolt of “Mother” by Mary Wilkins Freeman

Describe characters of “The Revolt of ‘Mother’”
Sarah Penn
She has been the wife of Adoniram Penn for 40 years. She has had four children, two of whom survived and are living with their parents. Sarah is a patient and hard-working woman. She has lived and worked uncomplainingly in the tiny, inadequate house but she needs a change. Mrs Penn is a very good mother, she wants the best for her children. Adoniram Penn

Adoniram Penn is presented as an uncommunicative man who is used to having his way. He expects his wife and family to accept his decisions. Business is more important for him than his family’s needs. Nanny Penn

Nanny Penn is the engaged daughter of Adoniram and Sarah. She is described as “large” and “soft,” not strong, and her mother worries about her ability to maintain her own household after her marriage. She complains to her mother about her father building a new barn when his family does not have a decent house. She shares her mothers concerns. Sammy Penn

Sammy is the son of Adoniram and Sarah. He is fairly like his father. Sammy helps his father on the farm while attending school. He keeps his father’s side until he sees his mother’s determination.

What does the story focus on?
The story focuses on traditional genres roles. The women is presented as a mother and a wife. She has to help her husband and take care of children. She was kept out of the families decisions by the father. Sarah should take care of the house, children and should not interfere in her husband’s matters. Man is the one, who takes decisions. Nobody should oppose him. Sarah is a strong woman but she readily accepts her role as secondary to her husband. He is the head of the family, the provider and the decision-maker, but later on in the story the role reversal occurs. During Adoniram’s absence, Sarah becomes the head of the household, and her strong stand is at last understood by her...
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