The Revival of the Traditional Filipino Games

Topics: Philippines, Traditional games in the Philippines, Filipino people Pages: 4 (999 words) Published: May 23, 2012
The Revival of the Traditional Filipino Games

LARONG PINOY (Laro ng Lahi) is a cultural treasure cherished by generations of Filipinos. It is a variety of traditional Filipino street games that is well-loved.

The Filipino Games are timeless. It is still well-loved and cherished by many, as it is part of our heritage. Larong Pinoy’s popularity encompasses not only the youth, but adult and elderly generation as well. It’s a timeless cultural treasure.

The games are still being played in urban & rural communities, by a majority population who have no access to high technology. The games are still taught in public schools. A majority of adults and elders would like to pass on the fun tradition to make the new generation experience the fun of being truly Filipinos.

In keeping with tradition, Magna Kultura launched the revival of LARONG PINOY in the country, by building the 1st Sports Training School and by creating an infrastructure of tournaments, as well as, small livelihood business for local sari-sari stores selling larong Pinoy toy items.

There is more to Larong Pinoy than just games. It is a cultural vehicle to shape young citizens to be proud Filipinos. More than simply advocating street games, the Larong Pinoy program seeks to instill timely values among the new generation, as it promotes:

1st - PATRIOTISM: for the youth to to feel the Pride of being Filipinos;

2nd - FAMILY BONDING: to build a bridge of closeness among elderly generation and today's children;

3rd - To Enliven Communities: to bring back the fun in neighborhoods providing children with meaningful play activities and an avenue for camaraderie.

In today's modern age of technology, children go out less in their neighborhoods, missing out on camaraderie with their "Kababata".

In addition to the significant values of culture & tradition, the Larong Pinoy program promotes healthy lifestyle and active outdoor play among children. Furthermore, it creates a good avenue...
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