The Restorative Power of Nature in Frankenstein

Topics: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, Mind Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: April 4, 2013
In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, a man discovers the knowledge of how to reanimate life and creates a creature using this knowledge, but his creation ultimately causes him endless grief and regret until he finally dies because of it/him. However, throughout the story, author Shelley heavily uses the concept of a restorative power of nature to give small tidbits of respite to both characters as they toil through their mutual misery. In short, the novel shows that nature has a powerful effect on human beings in literature; this often restorative effect is noted in this novel specifically when concerning the thoughts and state of mind of the characters, such as in the protagonist and antagonist of the story, Victor Frankenstein and his creature (henceforth referred to as Adam). This restorative power of nature helps to ease the minds of both characters whenever they encounter it, usually giving them peace or tranquility of some kind as they experience it. Thus, Shelley’s novel Frankenstein uses the element of a restorative power of nature to show the peaceful and humane sides of both Victor and Adam; at least, for most of the story. There are many instances in which Victor Frankenstein, the tragic hero of the story, experiences the restorative power of nature and shows its soothing effects. For example, when Victor goes on his journey to Geneva, he’s in a “painful state of mind” (pg. 67), but as he gets to Mont Blanc and the “black sides of Jura”, he finds himself calmed by the beauty of the landscape. The “calm and heavenly scene restored [him]” and gave him “days of comparative happiness” (pg. 68), providing him with some respite from his miserable journey. However, as he nears home and moves away from the beautiful country, his mood goes back to dreary. But then, as he’s brooding over Justine’s death, he journeys to Chamounix in the hopes of gaining some serenity once more, and finds a peaceful mind in the gorgeous valley and mountains. As soon as he arrives...
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