The Respiratory Rate of Goldfish Affected in Lower Water Temperature

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The Respiratory Rate of Goldfish Affected in Lower Water Temperature


Temperature is a key influence that can change the respiratory rate of an ectothermic animal: Carassius auratus (commonly known as a goldfish). The respiration of a goldfish will change depending on certain factors. First, goldfish are exothermic, as are all fish. Their body temperature is determined largely by the temperature of the surrounding water. They absorb energy from the water (and to a far lesser extent, from sunlight) and they release energy back into the water. This means that goldfish are at the mercy of the water temperature to regulate critical body functions (

The purpose of this experiment was to determine how the temperature of water, when decreased, directly affected the respiratory rate of the experimental ectothermic subject: goldfish. In this experiment, the independent variable was the water and the dependent variables were the respiratory rates of the experimental goldfish and controlled goldfish. The said hypothesis was that the water temperature would have directly influenced the respiratory rate of the experimental subject since temperature directly regulates breathing.

Materials and methods:

To measure the respiratory rate of both experimental and control goldfish, the following materials were needed: -two goldfish accustomed to room temperature water-one beaker -two glass jars: one labeled “A”, one labeled “B”-pipet -stopwatch-plastic metric ruler

-two thermometers-ice
-five team members

Both glass jars were filled to a given line with the same temperature and amount of water. The experimental goldfish was placed in the jar labeled with the letter “A” and the controlled goldfish in jar “B”. A thermometer was placed into each jar containing a fish as to measure the accuracy of the water, making sure both jars were at 27°C. Each fish had two people directly counting: two people counting the mouth...
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