The Republic Reflection

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The Republic Reflection

Socrates was a man of distinction and a man with strong ideas on how to make a more perfect society. Although a lot of his ideas conflict with his ability to be just or unjust it does not in his mind. Being just or unjust is a major topic in the book and there are many different ways of being both. Socrates used the terms, not necessarily the way we would normally use the term today, but parts of his depiction made sense. He said a lot of different things could be considered unjust. For example not doing what you were Destined to do or what you are best at is considered unjust in his mind.

Socrates said “one man is naturally fitted for one task, and another for another.” I don’t believe this statement to be one holding any significance. If people are specially trained their whole life for a specific job it would in tern make them good at what they do, whether it is carpentry, architecture, or some type of sport. But any person can be taught to do some sort of skill well regardless of what it is. If someone receives localized education at any specific task or job it is possible to be able to excel at it. Also I believe that people can be good or great at many different things and it would not take away from their abilities at another. Why cant a person be a great electrician and a great carpenter? Many people today have more than one skill and apply both in their working environment. There are many real life examples of people being great at many a different task. Socrates would say that by focusing on something else it would take away from ones ability to still be great on that previous task. But who’s to say when someone reaches his or her full potential at one thing he or she can’t learn another not necessarily similar activity. For example, there have been many sports professionals that have retired and been elected to the hall of fame, stating their personal excellence, have gone on to be exceptional businessmen,...
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