The Renaissance: Beginning of the Modern Era

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Alyssa Hixon
2 December 2010
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The Renaissance Man vs. The Renaissance Woman

The Renaissance, meaning “rebirth,” was a cultural movement in which emphasis was placed on learning and life in general. New ideas in the fields of literature, philosophy, art, politics, science, and religion became prevalent; as did the search for realistic views of human life through art. Beginning in Italy, this new attitude towards education and life slowly made its way around Europe. Another new idea was the focus on individualism rather than the group as a whole. Artists began to sign their artwork to show they were proud of it, and people “prized their own sense of uniqueness and individuality, hiring artists to paint of sculpt their portraits and writers to produce verbal likenesses,” the introduction states. The Renaissance is commonly seen as the separation between the Middle Ages and the Modern Era, and the beginning of the Humanism point of view. All of the new and exciting ideas had in common one thing, learning, and as stated in the introduction “humanists all agreed on the importance of education, not just for the individual but also for society as a whole.” The Renaissance was a brilliant time in history, bringing together all people for the benefit of a better life. However, not everyone was looked at equally during this time. Men were still seen as superior in society and had greater responsibilities then women. As time went on, it became increasingly clear who would prosper most with this new age of knowledge, the men.

The ideal man during the time of the Renaissance was highly educated, accomplished, and willing to do his part in society. Source 4 by Peter Paul Vergerius is a Letter to Ubertinus of Padua which discusses the proper education for men. He says that the best education for men is a kind in “which calls forth, trains, and develops those highest gifts of body and of mind,” also that it must rank so highly that it is on the same...
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