The Renaissance

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The Renaissance has been described as consisting of "a rebirth of the human spirit, a realization of the human potential for development." It occurred during the 14th -17th centuries in Europe. During the 1400s and 1500s in mostly Italy there was a major change that took place in all aspects of life. This was called the Renaissance and was a movement that helped gives rebirth to culture and the arts. This movement went away from the medieval times that had forced a feudalist system on its people. When one talks about the Renaissance, the most common topic is art and architecture. It is true that the Italian Renaissance was marked by some of the greatest and most prolific masters of painting, sculpture and building. It is also true that the era marked the emergence of a great deal more. It was a time of awakening from the intellectual darkness of the medieval order and the emergence of many of the concepts that would form the basis for civilization as it is known today. The era saw the birth of new attitudes concerning the role of man in his relationship to the world and to God. Unfortunately, for the most part, the expansion of the 'role of man' did not include the role of women. The Medieval times were a dark period in European history that saw a major decline in arts and government. This declining could be attributed to a number of different reasons. One of which was the Bubonic Plague that spread throughout Europe and Asia and killed millions of its inhabitants. This was the final nail in the medieval coffin. Throughout these times the major focus for government and the arts were all religion oriented. The Black Death killed with no discrimination and took the lives of priest and thieves alike. This caused many to question their religion. It originally began in Italy and then spread throughout the rest of Europe. A wide spread of different and new educational vernaculars emerged. The painting styles of the Renaissance also changed during this time....

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