The Remax Company

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The Remax Company’s target market is People in the middle classes who buy and sell houses. Specifically, the target market for Remax include local owners (existing owners), and investors (unions, real estate investment trusts, and pension plans). Remax' value proposition: World-class marketing, top-tier internet exposure, referrals from and exposure to the largest network of real estate agents in the world, and personal service and local market expertise are some of the most important value propositions of Remax. For example, Remax Company's website has the most comprehensive source of real estate information available on the internet. Whether you are searching for a new home in New York or selling your existing home in Vancouver, looking for home values in Toronto or investment opportunities, or just trying to locate a good Realtor, you'll find all you need on its company's website. Remax' website is customized and can provide personal service that meet the needs of different customers.

In addition, RE/MAX has always invested heavily in television advertising to build a trusted brand that draws both buyers and sellers to RE/MAX agents, who then get the job done for you. Investments in television advertising help improve brand awareness and attract more customers for Remax Company.

Positioning: Real estate Remax is the number one in 150 markets across Canada, Remax’ agents have more selling experience and more marketing muscle than other competitors and it attracts more buyers. It enhances its positioning by providing online product customization and experienced agents. For example, it has residential properties and luxury properties for customers with different interests. It also provide “First Time Buyer’s Guide” to new customers who do not know much about Remax company.

Remax get its good positioning through its good service quality and negotiable price. The agents of Remax are trained, experienced, and well prepared. They are expertise and they gather lots of information and research which are relevant to Remax’ business. And they provide Remax’ customers with good professional offers. The prices which are created between the agent and the seller are negotiable, customers can negotiate with the agents and finally they agree with the most reasonable prices.

Branding: Remax Company create and evolve its brand successfully through several methods. It build successful online brand by building proposition on the promise of convenience, the promise of achievement, and the promise of belonging.

® It makes the purchasing process more convenient by providing listing prices, customized information of the properties, people can easily get access to the house information around the world and it saves customers a lot of time.

®The Remax agents assist consumers in achieving their goals, they provide consumers information and advices, facilitate consumers to decide which house to buy and negotiate prices with consumers.

®Remax provides online community care to achieve the promise of belonging. For example, RE/MAX Associates have always been among the leaders in their communities, devoting time and dollars to countless charities and local causes.

®Remax encourages visitors to return through encouraging trials ( open houses that allow consumers to have a look of the houses). ®Remax can improve itself by adding rich media or video which reflects its brand. It can help improve the interactivity between Remax and its consumers and give its consumers better online experiences. As a result, visitors will have better brand perceptions. Context:

The screen density is appropriate for the target users and their tasks. The layout helps focus attention on what to do next.

On all pages, the most important information (such as frequently used topics, features and functions) is presented on the first screenful of information ("above the fold").

The functionality of buttons and controls...
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