The Remains of the Day Essay

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The Remains of the Day

“The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who have not made up their minds to be good or evil”. I agree with this statement concerning the characters in “The Remains of the Day”. Those who have not decided whether they are good or evil are neutral, they are neither good nor evil, e.g. if someone needed your help but you were neither good nor evil and you just stood by, that would be more evil than good. Stevens’ relationship with Ms. Kenton is an example of this. Stevens’ relationship with Ms. Kenton is a complicated one, because of Stevens’ inability to express his personal feelings Stevens was unsuccessful in telling Ms. Kenton how he truly feels. As Ms. Kenton grew increasingly tired of Stevens’ nagging and unwillingness to share his inner feelings, she finally leaves Darlington Hall, leaving Stevens unable to confess his true feelings for Ms. Kenton. She leaves Darlington Hall to move on with her life and gets married, thinking that it was best idea for her life to move forward. Unlike Stevens, Ms. Kenton makes decisions based on her beliefs and thoughts. Both Stevens and Ms. Kenton regrets the decisions they made in the past. Ms. Kenton later says that at first for a long time, she did not love her husband, but after having a daughter and going through war, he had grown on her. However sometimes she thinks that she had made a mistake, “For instance, I get to thinking about a life I may have had with you, Mr. Stevens.” When Stevens hears this, he says, his “heart is breaking”, he realizes because he just stood by without sharing his inner feelings with how he felt about Ms. Kenton, that he missed his chance with her, this shows his regret. Just standing by because he was neither good nor evil proved to have a more evil effect on Stevens and Ms. Kenton’s life, if one or the other had just confessed their feeling for each other, they could have lived a happier life together. Stevens still does not confess even when he gets...
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