The Relvance of Information Security in 21st Century Sri Lanka

Topics: Computer security, Information security, Access control Pages: 3 (1067 words) Published: October 22, 2008
This is an essay i submitted to an essay competition recently.


Information security is rapidly increasing in relevance and importance to 21st century Sri Lanka. The widespread growth of Information Technology has been the major deciding factor of this. Although we must realize that even though the relevance of information security is majorly increasing because of the advance in technology, we must not assume that the concept of information security is a new one or merely a current trend. Information security was a theme that widely affected people from early days who were involved with securing any information at all, be it secret messages. It is just that the security systems used then have evolved greatly to match up to the current technological advances and is used extensively as more threats arise with newer business opportunities. Defining Information security in simple terms would be ‘the protection of data against unauthorized access’ as in the PCmag website. If we look into a thorough definition, Wikipedia identifies information security as ‘protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction’. As mentioned before information security is a concept that continued from those days. Heads of state and military commanders all over the world, even here in Sri Lanka, persons needing secure communications used wax seals and other various sealing devices and even secret words which only internal members would know to completely protect all confidentiality of their messages. But nowadays in Sri Lanka, due to information technology’s major impact in businesses many alternatives are looked upon in order to protect data and information. We all know information assets are critical to any business and paramount to the survival of any organization in today’s globalised digital economy as almost all would say. If not...
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