The Reluctant Security Guard

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David Tuff is a security guard of Blue Mountain which is a company that manages and operates retail shopping malls. As a security guard he is required by law to report to the police all serious accidents and crimes, including felonies, occurring within the premises in which he is working. However, fourteen months after his date of employment Blue Mountain created a new company policy requiring the security guards to escort intoxicated persons, including drunk drivers, from the parking lots onto the public road. The company policy did not instruct the officers to arrest the drivers or contact the police. Tuff complained against this new company policy. He says that it is contrary to the oath he swore to uphold as required by law. When Tuff realized that the company intended to make no changes, he revealed the policy, which he deemed as disreputable, to the media. The result was public disgust against Blue Mountain. By going to the media Tuff violated company policy which prohibits employees from talking to the media about company policies. In the end Tuff was fired for violating this company policy.

The question that needs to be answered is did David Tuff take the correct action by blowing the whistle? My answer is yes. I believe that Tuff did the right thing by blowing the whistle and if I were placed in a position such as his I would do the same thing. The remainder of this paper will be an explanation as to why I believe he took the correct action.

Before Tuff blows the whistle he needs to consider who is going to be affected by his decision and how the decision will affect them. Tuff, Blue Mountain Company – security guards, other employees, and stockholders, and the general public in the areas surrounding the retail shopping malls are all major stakeholders.

David Tuff has a lot at stake. Should a sense of security be one of his most important values Tuff’s values may be conflicting. If financial and physical security are important to him, blowing the whistle will put this at risk. Tuff could lose his job, his life could become public knowledge – every aspect of his life would be gone through with a fine tooth comb to find anything to discredit him, and his life could be threatened if he blows the whistle. However, if protecting other security officers and keeping the public safe is important, keeping quiet will conflict with his value of security. Anytime Tuff escorts a drunk driver off the Blue Mountain Premises he will have to live with the fact that that driver could very well kill another innocent human being.

If loyalty is important to Tuff the choice to blow the whistle, again, could cause some conflict between his values. If Tuff remains loyal to the company, he will not blow the whistle and will abide by the new policy. If He remains loyal to himself he could, again, not blow the whistle and abide by the new policy. Keeping the new policy within the confines of his work would mean keeping his job. To be loyal to his fellow security officers and to the public Tuff will need to blow the whistle. Blowing the whistle will take the pressure of having to abide by the new policy off the shoulders of his fellow security officers. It will also ensure the safety of the people who live and travel around the shopping malls.

The fact that Blue Mountain employs licensed security guards, to me, means that the company holds security and safety in high regards. If Blue Mountain views safety as an important company value, the exposure would definitely contradict what the company has stood for. Should Tuff expose Blue Mountain the company’s previous concerns about safety would be discredited. Should the public find out that the company is intentionally having its security guards escort drunk drivers onto public roads this discovery could and probably would ruin the company’s reputation; therefore causing serious financial problems and possibly bankruptcy.

It is reasonable to...
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