The relevance of nutrition in health

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“Optimum nutrition is needed for optimum health”
Nutrition can be described as the science of consuming and utilizing foods in a natural medicinal way so as to provide the human body with optimum health by taking care of the body’s dietary needs. Nutritional science studies how the human body catabolizes and anabolizes certain groups of foods to see how they affect the repair and creation of new and old cells. Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, combined with regular physical activity, are essential to good health and wellbeing. Poor diet and lifestyle choices can lead to an increased susceptibility to disease, reduced immunity and impaired physical and mental development (World Health Organization 2009).

The role nutrition plays in an individual’s health
The role nutrition plays in an individual’s health is one of great importance. Without the right care, our bodies, our minds and our lifestyles begin to deteriorate. By nurturing our bodies via the foods we ingest we can help ensure that they remain healthy and functioning. In order to thrive we must provide the body with the required amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes on a regulatory basis. Consuming a heart healthy diet is important for managing hypertension and reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and other dietary diseases such as type two diabetes and diet related cancers (American Heart Association 2014).

The relationship between nutritional status and the therapeutic outcomes of other modalities such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture or general practice The relationship between an individual’s nutritional status and the therapeutic outcome they wish to attain via natural medicine modalities is imperative. Naturopathy is a natural method for maintaining wellness which provides a holistic approach to therapy by assessing the individual’s lifestyle, including nutritional, emotional, mental and physical habits, and then prescribing the necessary changes as well as natural...
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