The Release Process of the Federal Prisoner

Topics: Parole, Criminal law, Federal Probation Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: December 13, 2009
The Release Process of a Federal Prisoner
Many studies and surveys have shown that millions of dollars of our taxpayer’s money is spent on the criminal justice system to house federal prisoners and the different programs a prisoner must go through to be introduced back into society. Even though there is much controversy on the cost of these programs, the public is in strong agreement that parolees should be highly supervised and retrained to be a good law abiding citizen. The process the government uses to release a person back into society along with federal probation is a good way to control the parolee until the person has proven themselves. One of the commonly most used options that the government uses to introduce the parolee back into society is the Federal halfway houses also known as Re-entry Residential Centers. The parolee usually does the last six months of their prison term in the halfway house. In other words, they are still part of BOP (Bureau of Prison) custody. Any wrong doings would result in terminating their halfway house time and returning to prison to complete their sentence. During their stay at the halfway house, the parolees are under strict guidelines, curfew times and mandatory bed counts. The halfway house staff has to do four bed counts during the day and four at night. If a parolee is not on their bed at these mandated times, they must have a pass. Since this is part of the parolee’s prison term, there are many rules followed just like prison. Anytime a parolee returns to the center, they must blow into a breath machine to verify that they have not consumed any alcohol when away from the halfway house. Also at random request, a urine drug test is requested of the parolee. In order for a parolee to remain at the halfway house is to secure employment. The halfway house is a privilege but one must still pay 25% of the gross amount of every check they receive to the halfway house. Depending on the hours a parolee works, passes are...
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