the relationships between happiness and money

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The Relationship between Money and Happiness
If money doesn’t buy happiness, what does? Many people believe that having more money is going to make them happier in life, but does money really provide true happiness? After reading the passage “Yes, Money can buy happiness,” by John Tierney, explains that people are more often to be happier when they spend money on others rather than spend money on themselves. In my opinion many people believe having more money will make their lives happier and free of all worries. In my life money has provided food, clothing, and shelter our basics needs in life but I came to a conclusion where my satisfactory is not enough. I complain that I need more money and that it will solve all the solution to my problems. But in reality money is never going to be enough to buy my happiness in life, because the more we have the more we need and want. For example, I went shopping to the citadel outlets with my family, less than a few hours I spend about four hundred dollars. I looked at other people and I wish I had more money to spend in order to feel enjoyment and more satisfaction. Then, I look into my partner eyes and say to him, I realize with money you can become selfish, destructive and greedy but on the other hand it can help you discover a world you never knew because we all know money can open the doors to many objects in life. Such as, having the opportunity to explore the world, to have all the materials in life. Furthermore, I do agree that buying does bring happiness to everybody in that moment. After, that I disagree it would bring 100% happiness in life because money does not buy love, passion, pureness, and what life is all about. In the end it all depends on your approach to life and how you see money and the relationship with it.
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