The Relationship Of Kino And Juana

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The Relationship of Kino and Juana

• In the course of a novel a relationship will change. It may grow and develop or it may deteriorate entirely.
• The relationship between Kino and Juana is one that is certainly tested. • In the beginning of the novel they are a loving couple, entirely devoted to each other. For Kino this is represented in the ‘song of the family’. His love for Juana is the spark that starts off this song.

• Personal Comment: I particularly like the opening scene where we see the couple awake together in the brush house. The setting reveals that they are poor and simple living. Yet despite the poverty, there is a comfort, warmth and happiness that pervades the scene.

The relationship

Loving wife

Devoted to her husband

Uneducated and superstitious


Loves and protects his family

Strong bond to his wife.

The Scorpion Attack
• Both deal with the scorpion in a different way. It reveals that they are two very different people and it also reveals that they work well as a team. (I like to think of it as one represents the emotional/spiritual, the other represents the physical- but together they are a whole) • He violently destroys the creature.

• She prays and chants old incantations(spells)
• They both do what is best for their child.

After the scorpion….
• It is Juana that suggest that they visit the doctor. Kino hates the idea as he hates the doctor. Yet he does it. (P.C-I admire him for this, it’s not easy doing something that you hate. But it highlights his love and respect for his wife. He values her opinion. Her happiness supersedes his own wishes. I think these are the signs of a good healthy relationship)

• ‘she looked up at him, her eyes as cold as the eyes of a lioness’- an animal simile. This highlights her animal instinct and inner strength. • ‘then we will go to him’ – Juana decides upon visiting the doctor.

(take a break from writing)In

Perhaps the most iconic protective mother of recent years is that of Sarah Connor of the Terminator series. Her character develops from a timid pretty girl into a fierce machine-gun wielding warrior. All to protect her new born son who will one day lead humanity in a war against machines!!!!

Like Juana, she possessed an inner strength that is not easily noticed upon the surface. Time, experience and tests force the ‘hero’ within to emerge to the surface.

After the doctor’s visit….
• ‘’ now uncertainty was in Kino, and the music of evil throbbed in his head and nearly drove out Juana’s song’ – The harmony that the couple once enjoyed is under threat. We can interpret this quote as their relationship being tested.

• Kino is not sure anymore. The doctor has a power over Kino. The doctor is educated and Kino is not. Kino cannot take the risk of going against the doctor’s words. Kino and Juana see themselves as inferior to the doctor because he has the power of education/words.

On their way to sell the Pearl…
• ‘Kino stepped with dignity out of the house and Juana followed’ – This is a common enough image throughout the novel Juana standing faithfully by her husband.
• Again the close bond of the couple is suggested.

Doubt, Fear, breakdown
• It is Juana that first realises the evil of the Pearl. (Kino, like a man drugged, is blind to its harm)
• ‘Kino this pearl is evil. Let us destroy it before it destroys us’’ – • He replies ‘ I am a man’’ We can see that the considerate husband of before is not there. Kino is driven by a dark desire now, the same desire that fuels the pearl – buyers of the village.

• To save her family she tries to cast the pearl away. But she suffers the wrath of her husband. He beats her. The innocence they shared is lost.
• ‘he kicked her in the side’
• ‘quietly he tracked her’
• ‘he struck her in the face with a clenched fist’

Closeness regained…
• Later when chased by trackers, Kino for a moment loses hope. He even...
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