The Relationship Between the Natives Americans and the Colonies

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, New England, Pequot Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: September 17, 2010
The Settlers and the Natives
The Colonie's relationship with the natives of the land that they colonied effected the way that the colonies evolve. From as early as the discovery of Roanoke in 1585 by Sir Walter Raleigh who captured two Native American back to England, bad blood had formed between the Chesapeake Colonies and the Native Americans. The New England Colonies had a very different relationship with the Natives, one which involed alliances and trade. Throughout history, these alliances and revolts has effected the way the colonies develop from Jamestown to Connecticut.

Raleigh's plan failed the first time and it is suspected that the Native Americans that once lived in Roanoke and the surrounding territories had slaughtered the first English Roanoke settlers that are reffered to as the Lost Colony. Due to the Native Americans the London Company settled in the marshy penninsula that is named Jamestown because the settlers feared that they would be attacked by the Native and thus assumed that it was safe. they were surrounded by wood, beyond which as occupied by the powerful powhatans. during the period of 1609-1610 which was known as the starbving time, the settlers raided the Indians for food. in retribution, the local indians killed all the livestock and kept the colonists barricated. a decade later, due to the tabacco trade, jamestown was expanded into the indian's terratories. this was permitted only because of the effective supprssion of the local indians. for a few years Sir thomas dale led assualts agaist the indians until he captured the powhatan chief's daughter pocahontas. opechancanough did resume the terriorial attacts with the colonist. in 1622 the powhatans slaughtered 347 settlers were killed before they were defeated by the English. As Jamestown expanded further west into the indian lands, more and more border assults resulted. in 1644, Sir William Berkeley set up the group that captured the cheif opechananough, and kills him....
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