The Relationship Between Race and Juvenile Delinquency

Topics: Crime, Juvenile delinquency, Criminology Pages: 6 (1980 words) Published: October 14, 2008
The Relationship Between Race
and Juvenile Delinquency

Four years now researcher in the fields of psychology sociology, genetics, and the juvenile justice system have contemplated the reason why some youth turn to delinquency and violence. To investigate the reasons, for some adolescents you would have to research on a case to case basis could fall into one category of multiple categories stemming, why they act the way they do and what cause these reactions. Some researchers may want to find reasons that is caused in the genetic line, it is the youth’s social atmosphere concerning in the youth has the right friends or any friends at all, or they could even to lead to arguments in the environment in which the child is raised. Also, having a strong focus on the gender and race influence on juvenile delinquency. There have been studies to try to find the true reason of juvenile delinquency. After being able to read multiple articles and understand the different method of research, it help give a certain balance of knowledge on the many different causes and cases of juvenile delinquency. Juvenile delinquency can be detrimental to the development of the mind for youth and hurt them in the long run. Almost having an isolation from others, looking at things in a different mindset. “Through interviews with participants, parents, teachers, and officials, researchers collected data on large number of variables such as race or ethnicity, early sexual activity, school achievement and attachment, peer relationships, neighborhood, family, mother’s level of education, participants’ attitudes, individual characteristics, drug use, and delinquency.” (Pittsburgh Youth Study) Juvenile Delinquency can almost be considered as a plaque in the eyes because of the largest outburst over the years.

When you think of a juvenile delinquency you think of a child who refuses to listen, continuously disruptive, and all together a big problem. Many people judqe these children without knowing what causes them to have this kind of behavior. Study has shown that many of these actions occur because of their learning ability and their race. Learning disabilities can have a big affect on the attitude the child has in the future. The youth have a large affect on the world decision making in new developments. Because of the rising cases of delinquent behavior, now they slowly put more interest into how to improve the youth justice system to put an end to some of this outrageous behavior and crimes that are being committed by the youth in society. Most of the behavior is only a product of something other than just a natural reaction. It could be the way the child is brought up and raised, the environment in which the child was brought up in, the gender and religion coincides with each other or many more other thing that many hinder the child from learning. Race has one of the most standing out point with finding information about the way delinquency occurs. After the post war migration Southern African-American and Northern was said to have a big impact on the rise of crime in the United States. Do to the lack of dominance of inspirational individuals crime rose and the route of unemployment sky rocketed through the roof, bringing more and more violence. The rise in gun violence and homicide by juvenile rose through the roof. The main issue shows the relations of deviancy in the youth system that is not a more comfortable topic than that of gender. Through the system of arrest statistics for minority offenders stirred up a controversy throughout the criminal juvenile justice system. Their in a statistic that is widely used for example, between 1980 and 2002 show the African American children seem to have more arrest and committed more harsher crime than those of a of a whit e counter part. This is because African American youth perform more crimes to a higher extent of the law ,making them disproportionate to any other race....
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