The Relationship between Community and Sustainability

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The Relationship between Community and Sustainability
In recent years there has been an increase amount of awareness in terms of how sustainable our world has to be, in order to maintain the civilization of all people. The question becomes, is it already too late to fix our immoral behaviors, as we observe the number of failing state increasing all over the world, whether it in china, Africa and so forth. Throughout this paper, I will offer a summary on the ideal of a sustainable community and the proper meaning of sustainability because different people have different meaning when it comes to what is precisely a sustainable community. Then I will go on to discuss about the problems that may arise in case the government fail to form policies that will help our communities to become more sustainable. Lastly, I will discuss about the solutions that will have a higher percentage to bring change throughout the world and why a sustainable community will benefit not only the people in it, but also the market that so many individual rely on. Defining Sustainability in Relation to Community

It is very much plausible and frequently appropriate for the community to assume control of involvement activities, the activities of our corporation, and community infrastructure to arrive at an optimum, in respect to a sustainable community. With that being said, we can define sustainability as the amount of infrastructure that is left for the future generation. John Bodley, a Cultural Anthropologist defines it as “meeting the needs of people today without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their needs” (Bodley, 2). Sustainability includes consideration of interventions that everyone abide to, people gaining skills within their research that  are used in for future generation, and  corporation that change their way of performing business as a outcome of participating in research. Now that we know the true meaning behind sustainability, it is plausible to...

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