The Relationship Between Brand Loyalty, Corporate Image, and Repeat Purchasing.

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Non-profit organization Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: November 6, 2008
Evaluate the relationship between brand loyalty, corporate image, and repeat purchasing. Brand loyalty
In marketing, brand loyalty comprises of a consumer's commitment to repurchase the brand and can be demonstrated by repeated buying of manufactured goods or services or other positive conducts such as word of mouth advocacy. True brand loyalty involves that the consumers are willing, at least on event, to put aside their own needs in the interest of the brand. Brand loyalty is more than simple repurchasing, however. Customers may repurchase a brand due to situational constraints, a lack of viable alternatives, or out of convenience. Such loyalty is referred to as "spurious loyalty". True brand loyalty exists when customers have a high relative attitude toward the brand which is then exhibited through repurchase behavior. This type of loyalty can be a great asset to the firm: customers are willing to pay higher prices, they may cost less to serve, and can bring new customers to the firm. For example, if Joe has brand loyalty to Company A, he will purchase Company A's products even if Company B's are cheaper and/or of a higher quality. An example of a major brand loyalty program that extended for several years and spread worldwide is Pepsi Stuff. Perhaps the most significant contemporary example of brand loyalty is the fervent devotion of many Mac users to the Apple company and its products. From the point of view of many marketers, loyalty to the brand - in terms of consumer usage - is a key factor.

Corporate image
A corporate image refers to how a company is perceived. It is a normally accepted image of what a company "stands for". The formation of a corporate image is an implement in the perception management. It is created solely by marketing managers/consultants who use public relations and other forms of promotion to suggest a mental picture to the public. Usually, a corporate image is designed to be interesting to the public, so that the company...
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