Topics: Happiness, Sandra Bullock, Academy Award for Best Actress Pages: 3 (730 words) Published: September 21, 2014

The articles The Sandra Bullock Trade and But Will It Make You Happier? both discuss the relation between wealth and happiness, and it doesn’t require much to figure out, that these articles agree that happiness doesn’t depend on wealth in general. But as The Sandra Bullock Trade nearly refuses any connection between the two and even states that “if you have an unsuccessful marriage (…) you will remain significantly unfulfilled” (p. 2), But Will It Make You Happier? points out that even though happiness isn’t dependent on income, your buys will influence your mood. The Sandra Bullock Trade acknowledges that poor people are generally unhappier, but the article also claims that as long as your basic needs are fulfilled, money makes no difference. This is probably the biggest disagreement between the articles, as But Will It Make You Happier? is somewhat more capable of differentiating the dilemma. Instead of just having a one-tack mind, the article focuses on both the pleasure that money can bring, but it also declares how we are more likely to find joy when we buy social activities than when we buy material objects.

The Sandra Bullock Trade catches your attention from the very beginning. The headline itself makes you want to read it, because a celebrity like Sandra Bullock is a person that will instantly catch your attention whether you want her to or not. Another means, which The Sandra Bullock Trade uses, is to turn directly to the reader, and in the sentence “Nonetheless, if you had to take more than three second to think about this question, you are absolutely crazy” (p. 2), the article does so. The article asks the reader whether he would “(…) exchange a tremendous professional triumph for a severe personal blow?” (p. 2), and hereby it is not only making the reader think, but it also forces the reader to consider his own life. The link between the reader’s life and the article makes it difficult to...
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