The Regency Grand Hotel

Topics: Management, Decision making, Organizational studies Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: October 2, 2010
1. Identify the symptoms indicating that problem exist in this case A few employees of the hotel were transferred to other positions when the acquisition was done. They might not have the abilities to complete the full range of the new work. Junior and senior managers feel losing power because of the practice of empowerment. Several of them left the hotel.

The problem in the hotel is the measurement of a major or a minor issue. There is not a definition or standard states what a major issue is. Most of the managers waste time on dealing with minor issues. The general manager John Becker is sick of giving minor decision instructions to his subordinates. Conflict comes when the management disagrees with the employees’ view. The employees were no longer united and supportive of each other.

2. Diagnose the problems in this case using organization behavior concept Individual have impacted to group and group impacted to the whole organization Individual – employee, supervisor and manager

Group – the management
Organization – The Regency Grand Hotel    
a. Individual: employee who displayed initiative and made good decisions in satisfying the needs of the guest rarely received any positive feedback from their supervisors. Most employees lost confidence in making decisions and reverted to relying on their superiors for decision making. For example, a guest goes to the front-counter people and asks for a room upgrade. The front-counter boy thinks he could do that without approval from his superior but the front-counter manager may think it is a big issue because it would affect the profit of the business. What the front-counter boy has done may annoy the front-counter manager. b. Supervisor: start confusing to distinguish between minor and major issue as well as employee did. More often, supervisor s would reverse employee decisions by stating that they were major issues requiring management approval.

Manager: Becker realized that his...
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