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This poem has a deep sense of imagery. It sets a scene like a painting, though I don't see any actual influence dealing with the poem, I suppose you could say a wheel barrow is a tool still used in the 20th century, along with chickens. This could be a description of a farming scene. "So much depends upon..." could be a key meaning to the influence from the 20th century.


This poem has a deeper meaning, filled with imagery, it describes the "fog" set over Chicago because of industries, and what I feel the author was speaking of pollution. This was influen- ced by a 20th century event. The expansion of industries caused a noticable, and polluting fog.

I chose these two poems because they both say so much with so little words. One poem speaks of a positive, while the other a negative. They give a crystal clear picture of a scene almost as if I were viewing a painting and they were both so much fun to read!
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