The Red Violin

Topics: Musical instrument, Violin, John Corigliano Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: February 21, 2007
The Red Violin resurfaces in a monastery where it passes into the hands of many children as the years move past. A prodigy child--six-year-old Kasper was among one of those fortunate soles to be able to play The Red Violin. As Kasper played he very quickly became a natural as he impressed everyone. The monks summon Georges, a master of the period, to groom the child. As the journey continued for Kasper the music continued as well. All along the way the music helped in painting that very vivid picture of what was going to take place next. Whether it was slow and somber as the very worst happened or it played fast towards the happy or exciting times. Just as Kasper is to perform his weak and frail heart fails him. Georges hopes and dreams were shattered in a heart beat.

Then, in Shanghai, the Red Violin makes its presence known in the life of Xiang Pei. Her mother, an accomplished violinist, finds the red Violin in a pawn shop where it has been for many years. Time finds Xiang in the eye of the whirlwind of the Chinese Revolution. As a party official for the denunciation of all things western (including certain musical instruments of the Red variety), she is torn between her love for the said instrument of corruption and her duty as an official. She gives the violin to a music teacher upon whose behalf she intervened by saving him from punishment for teaching degrading western music that violates their rules. The music at Chou Yuan's death seemed very joyous and happy. Other music within this time period of the movie seemed to be very slow, apprehensive. At the same time, with every note it conveyed Xiang Pei's love for the western music as it did her mother.
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