The recruitment process at Google

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1. Introduction
Google has gained an excellent reputation as an employer by the unique organizational culture the company has created and by the way it treats their employees. Google has become one of the most sought after employers; last year the company was receiving about 75,000 applications a week at peak times (Waters, 2011). In order to keep and further develop their unique culture and to hire the appropriate candidates for it, Google emphasizes on developing a recruitment culture within the organization. However, the question raised here is how to establish a recruitment culture in a company and how to deal effectively with such an enormous number of applications? And furthermore, how to figure out the right candidates that will suit to the company´s culture and further contribute to its growth? This term paper first will show how the recruitment process at Google has developed and than illustrate important characteristics of it. Secondly, the theoretical background will be demonstrated and a conclusion on the topics highlighted before will be drawn.

2. The recruitment process at Google

2.1 Development of the recruitment process

To change the way the company recruits was considered first in 2005, when Google had to readjust its high bars for hiring employees due to its rapidly growing business. Co-founder Sergey Bin was recognizing long recruitment processes were holding back expansion and in March 2006, a new head of human resources, Laszlo Bock, was introduced. Before Bock came in charge applicants had to pass more than 6 interviews on average and often even exceeded 10. Also did Google “turn its nose at engineers who had less than a 3.7 average” (Hansell, 2007) and was known for a long-lasting recruitment process in which applicants where involved up to several month. A lot has developed since that. Bock recognized that the interface with new potential employees had to be changed and started to restructure the recruiting process step by step....
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