The Rebounder

Topics: Basketball, Character, Accident Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: November 26, 2006
In the book The Rebounder they're three main characters Coach Fulton Criss Patton and, Mickey Walsh. Coach Fulton is the Hamilton high basketball coach; he has been coaching for three years. In the beginning of each year he hopes for one good player to bring the panthers to the top of the Spoon River conference, but always finishes in fourth. He is a very nice person, and a good coach. He always has good advice, never pressures players, and puts a lot of thought into9o anything he does. Another main character is Criss Patton. He is an amazing basketball player who was dramatized in a freak accident when he temporarily blinded another player, and quit forever. Criss is a center while playing; he is the character that everything happens to. Very tall, very fast, and graceful. Of the court very shy. The last main character is Mickey Walsh, he is the team manager. He is basically the same kind of person as Coach Fulton except a little bit nicer.

The settings of the rebounder are in the present time. In the year it is in the fall and the winter, or basketball season. It mostly takes place on the basketball court, and in coach futons office. Other side settings are in criss Patton's house. Coach Fulton's apartment and Mr. Patton's office. The conflict of the rebounder is that in a basketball game Criss Patton accidentally temporarily blinded another player, and quit forever.

The plot of the rebounder is about a basketball player named Criss Patton. Who Transfers to Hamilton high. When Criss came to Hamilton High, Coach Fulton saw him. He asked if he wanted to join the team, but Criss said no. Coach Fulton called Criss' old coach, and told him about what happened to him. After a few games Criss decides to join the team, and after that the Panthers shot up the Spoon River conference. After playing ten games Criss Patton goes up for a rebound, and elbows another player, and even though he was shaken up he wasn't injured. That shaken up Criss so much it brought back...
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